Ta-Da Quarter Square Triangles
Ta-Da Quarter Square Triangles (QRST) are pre-printed on fusible interfacing to make quick, easy and accurate quarter square triangles. Each package contains approximately 2 yards of pre-printed interfacing sized to fit fat quarters. The Ta-Da process uses a simple press, sew, cut and sew process.
Click here to see how to make QRSTs.
Why use Ta-Da Quarter Square Triangles?
  • No add on seam allowances
  • No dull needles from paper patterns
  • No tearing off paper or tuggin at stitches
  • No need to draw on fabric






Product Number Description           

QRST per


Price per


 QRST-100 1" Finished QRST 504 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-200 2" Finished QRST 240 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-300 3" Finished QRST 160 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-400 4" Finished QRST   96 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-500 5" Finished QRST   60 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-600 6" Finished QRST   60 QRSTs  $8.99
 QRST-700 7" Finished QRST   40 QRSTs  $8.99